Thursday, May 19, 2005

A short time ago, in a theatre relatively close to my house...

I saw Episode III last night.

On the IMAX/Ultra Screen.

It was big.

It was cool.

It was f**king amazing.

Except for Padme's lines.

But that was OK.

Stuff blew up.

We saw Darth Vader.

We laughed.

We cried.

We won t-shirts.

I won money while standing in line.

Did I mention that the movie rocked?

It did.

Elaboration at a later time. Until then, see the movie. You'll be a better person...or at least a person who won't kill me for placing spoilers in my blog.

May the Force be with you and stuff.

P.S. Go see the movie. Quit reading. Go!

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