Thursday, June 30, 2005

...And Now For a Major Announcement

"I'm dead."


"No, not really."


Hello, and welcome to a Random Major Announcement. OK, it's not actually random, but it's close enough. This blog has a quicker, easier way to access it. I have, through the ever-loving, purchased a domain which will redirect to this site.

Without any further adieu, the URL is... (Scott - I require a drum roll...thanks.)


That's right...your favorite dose of entropy has it's own URL. Now when you tell your friends (and I know that all of you have told your friends, right?) you can give them a handy-dandy URL instead of a clunky blogspot address.

Please hold your applause until I finish.

Thank you.

This will not affect those of you that may choose to subscribe to our RSS feed via Bloglines. Simply click the "Subscribe with Bloglines" link. You can also just point things to the original address - - that'll do it. Either way, it's all good.

Thanks to Justin for pointing me in the direction of the GoDaddy deal. He did the research, and I set it up.

You can applaud now.

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