Monday, August 22, 2005

Hey, look, it's that Scott guy again!

Hopefully that was said by at least one person. What with Justin joining the blog community, and Sam's newfound desire to actually post things, I don't have any posts showing, and haven't for quite a while... Ah, well. That just makes me more random. Or else lazy. Probably both. Anyway, here I am, back in the blog again, for a few days, until mine gets buried. Unless I start blogging more often. It could happen...
So, my first attempt at getting into a CNA program was a bust. Total waste of my time. I was told by numerous people to just go on the first day and add the course. That's what everyone said. I went the first day (into the Bayview, no less... Eep!), was around an hour early, found the classroom, sat down, the whole nine yards. Nine yards was all, though. Nine yards, but it was fourth and eleven... Found out that I needed to be fingerprinted for a background check, have a physical, and have the results with me on the first day of class. Of course, if anyone had known this and let me in on the secret, I could have had those things with me. I mean, it's not like I wouldn't have had the time to do it. It would probably have cut into my play, but I would have made the sacrifice. Oh, well, it's okay now. I've found another program, and a better one. It will cost more, but it's a 6-week program, which will get me out just before my unemployment money runs out. That will be nice, all in all. They also have better placement services, so maybe I won't have to try and file an extension on my unemployment. We'll see how things shape up.
Onward, to other randomly-chosen topics...
You know, it wasn't really the best time for me when Blizzard did the ladder reset. I had just beaten Baal, could finally make cows, play in nightmare, etc. I had just started getting really good weapons and armor. Then, my character becomes nonladder, and if I want a chance at getting the really good equipment and the best of the runewords, I have to start over. So, I did, of course, new barb, slightly different build. I need good armor, though, so if there are any D2:LOD players on Ladder reading this, and you want to give me some free armor (my other barb had Boneflesh, the unique plate mail, and it was very nice...) definitely drop me a line. Most people just think I'm a geek now, probably. I can live with that.
My bike is running well, as usual, but I'm not running it very much. It's close to the 15k service (has been for some time now), and that's not a cheap one. Add to that the cost of new tires, front and rear, and things just got pricier... So, yeah, even though I have lots of time, and could do quite a bit of riding (carefully, as I don't have any health insurance...), I won't be doing much. About once a week, just so I don't get too rusty. If it wasn't for D2, I'd go insane.
Things in general are going well. Amy and I are settling in nicely. The apartment is coming together, and we got a cat. Well, really a kitten (about 2 months old.) He's getting neutered today (not a choice, as we got him from the pound, and they won't release an unfixed animal), and we should be picking him up Wednesday. We're naming him Stig (Old Norse for "wanderer"). He's light grey, slightly darker grey tabby pattern, with white on the belly, chest, paws, and some on the face. He's a really cute kitten. His tail has a kink in it (apparently broken sometime before he was found, and healed badly) which just adds to his charm. In case you couldn't tell yet, I'm one of those weird guys who like cats. Funnily enough, cats usually tend to like me, too. I just understand them. It's probably because there were always cats when I was growing up. There were a number of outdoor cats in my early youth, then there was my mother's hellspawn Himalayan, Precious (seriously, if you name a male cat "Precious", I believe you deserve what you get...), then more outdoor cats. There were the semi-feral cats in the woods around the house, and the wandering cats that were really other people's outdoor cats. I made friends with a number of them. So, that's probably why I'm a cat person. I'll try to keep my cat related postings to a minimum, though. I didn't say that would happen, but I'll try. Hell, my postings in general are at kind of a minimum anyway, so it will probably happen.
Other aspects of the household are going nicely as well. I had no idea how easy it could be cohabitating (or "living in sin" if you prefer). I mean, it's really easy. It blows me away how "right" it feels, living with the person you love. I was a little scared at first that I would scare her away, or just annoy her until she imploded (and then how would I pay the rent???), but things have really gone well. It's just really quite nice living with Amy. And, no, I'm not trying to brownnose here, she doesn't read the blog. At least, not that I know of. So, what I'm saying is actually true here. I'm just not that eloquent is all.
Now I should stop typing, so that I can get some things done today, but it's been fun. Hope all you random people enjoy my odd musings. Off I go...

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