Friday, September 02, 2005

Charity Poker Tournaments for Katrina Relief

I'm posting this on both and BlackroseWorld so that the word gets out to more folks. If you read both (which you should), I apologize for the redundancy.

Several online poker tournaments are being held by PokerStars for Hurricane Katrina relief, thanks to Wil Wheaton. PokerStars is even matching the buy-in! Click Wil's name above for the story. Also, Dr. Pauly of the Tao of Poker has good info about these and FullTilt's tournament here.

I may play in the $5 and/or $20 PokerStars tournaments. I will post my username (in case anyone cares) once I set up the software this week.

If you play online poker, give some a whirl. It's for an excellent cause, and you could even win some great prizes, which Wil discusses in his post.

Edit (9/6) - My PokerStars username is RandomSam. I'm not sure which tourney I'm playing in, but the $5 one may be the only one my schedule will allow. Hope to see everyone there.

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