Tuesday, September 13, 2005

First Katrina Relief Tourney

Last night, PokerStars held their first . Over $22,000 was raised to support the folks down south that need help. Read more about last night's event here and the upcoming events here.

As for RandomSam (me), I finished 327th out of 2212. Not terrible, but not great. I was busted when my AQ of hearts ran into two random cards that happened to get flushed. To make things worse, I had hit two pair by the turn (aces & queens)! Oh, well. I played pretty well, with only one major mistake. I overplayed a hand where I misclicked and called instead of folding. I attempted to bluff, and my opponent's 7 paired. Should have just checked it down and folded to any bet. Didn't really hurt me, but I hate making stupid mistakes, no matter how cheaply.

The important thing is that the Red Cross is getting a hefty chunk of change as a result of the players who signed up. Thanks to everyone, and thanks to Wil Wheaton in particular for getting the ball rolling on this.

Team RandomHumans (I just made that up...may keep using it...hmmm...) will be represented on Wednesday night as well. Josh (Blackrose13) and I (RandomSam) are confirmed to be playing in the $20 Katrina relief tournament. Come join us - it's for the best cause, and hey, it'll be fun!

(Unless someone sucks a flush out on me again...)

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