Thursday, September 08, 2005

JP Update...longer, dirtier, and uncut.

Tuesday night, we recieved word that the problem with the Jeep was diagnosed to be the PCU - some computer thingy. Not in stock, 2 days to ship, $600. We searched used car parts sites, and found one. Called the dealer, who said it was in stock, and gave us his address. 3 hours away. So we rented a car, and at 4 the next morning, began the drive to Appleton. We arrived at 8 am, only to find that we had been misled - the part was at another corporate location 2 !@#$ hours away.
Ugh. I screamed obscenities outside the store, got in the car, and found another salvage yard closer than the two hours which did have the part. They informed us that this behavior was par for the course for the original idiots we dealt with.
We got back to the Jeep at about noon, and had a shop replace the unit after my unsuccessful attempt to get to it. It wasnt working at that point, but we expected that the unit might have to be reprogrammed, so it was towed back to the dealer. The dealer re-flashed the ROM in the computer, but no luck.
The dealer is today just doing a part by part examination to determine the problem. About an hour ago, they should have received a brand new part, so hopefully something is working by now. I just wanna get home.

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