Friday, September 30, 2005

Random conversation; or, why instant messaging at work can be fun

Mr DBA Dude I know it's down, you bastard...

Mr Me Dude what I'm shooting for is a way to have it fly off and pop you
in the back of the head, preferably while I'm far far away

Mr DBA Dude keep scheming, I am trying to find a way to have an 8-ball
swing over the end as the hook falls that will whomp you in
the cranium

Mr DBA Dude Spy-Vs-Spy

Mr Me Dude hence the need for a remote activation mechanism

Mr DBA Dude or a bucket of goo over my other wall that will fall into
your cube based on my hook falling...

Mr DBA Dude yes, the plans are brewing now

Mr Me Dude mmm

Mr Me Dude and a goo redirection device


Mr Me Dude we should limit the construction technology to Lego, though

Mr Me Dude thats only reasonable

Mr DBA Dude ahh... rules of engagement... I'm listening

Mr Me Dude also, no mammals or marsupials

Mr DBA Dude hmmm... I don't know about that one.

Mr Me Dude come on!

Mr DBA Dude I was envisoning something with a gerbal

Mr Me Dude its gerbil actually, and no. no rodents whatsoever. a monkey
maybe, but no rodents.

Mr DBA Dude OK... Mammals are out, but I am bringing my Kangaroo

Mr Me Dude thats a marsupial

Mr DBA Dude exactly, I want one class to be fair play

Mr Me Dude but i said no marsupials

Mr DBA Dude I know... This is called negotiation

Mr Me Dude about moles then

Mr Me Dude that work for ya?

Mr DBA Dude damn man... I am trying to do my LATE status report

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