Thursday, March 31, 2005

Blogging Developments

Over the last two days, I have started two more blogs. OK, that begs the question - "If you don't manage one blog well, how can you expect to keep up with three?"

Here's the deal: I have set up a "Link" blog through Bloglines. I call it Random Clippage.

I have also started a Magic blog, called Random Magic: The Gathering Decks.

You can subscribe to all three of my blogs using Bloglines (or any other subscription service). Please do, it makes me feel better. Of course, then I may think that people read this...

I started the Magic blog so I could post decks and pertinent theory for future use. I will still share my thoughts on the game here on occasion, but I'm putting the decklists there. If you don't play the game, but enjoy my wordsmithing (is that a word?), I won't make your experience more tedious by boring you with decklists.

The link blog is just that. I might post here about things there (nice abiguity, yes?), but that will just be interesting stuff I find or have sent to me.

Well, that's that. Permanent links to the other blogs will be on the right.


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