Thursday, March 10, 2005

My Necro Deck


I was trolling the Star City Games forums this morning, I saw a topic which asked members what their favorite deck was. Now most people had decks that they took to tournaments, or one they saw on some tournament report and admired. I couldn't resist. I posted My Necro Deck.

(For those who don't know, a Necro deck is a deck based around the card Necropotence. The deck trades life for cards while disrupting the opponent and slapping them around with small- to medium-sized creatures. Necropotence is considered one of the most powerful cards in Magic, and has since been restricted or banned in every format where it would be legal.)

My Necro Deck started out as my Type 2 deck quite some time ago. It was a good deck in the format, but it wasn't inherently broken. (Necro wasn't banned until much later, when newer cards made the card TOO good.) As the Type 2 format is always the newest cards, the pieces of the Necro deck began to rotate out. However, I wasn't playing competitive Magic when this happened (I had taken a break after moving to Ohio), so I left the deck together. After a while, I heard about the restriction/banning of Necropotence itself, as well as Yawgmoth's Will, another important part of the deck. I decided to make my deck illegal. I would leave as many copies (up to four, as I wanted to have fun, not be absurd) as I either had in my possession or felt the deck needed, whichever was less. My most recent list looked like this:

4 Mishra's Factory
2 Lake of the Dead
2 Strip Mine
15 Swamp

4 Hypnotic Specter
4 Black Knight
2 Masticore

Other Spells:
4 Necropotence
4 Nevinyrral's Disk
4 Dark Ritual
4 Consume Spirit
2 Yawgmoth's Will
2 Mind Twist
1 Mirror Universe
4 Urza's Bauble
2 Corrupt

Those that have played against the deck can attest to the absurd power level of said deck. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an "anything goes" tournament about one year ago. I went 9-0 in matches and 18-2 in games (matches are two out of three games). I retired the deck shortly after that. I suppose I felt that I needed to move on, as I had kept the deck together for six years (with various builds). I also allowed the deck to go out on top, winning the only tournament that would allow it.

It was fun while it lasted...

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Scott said...

Oh, I will miss the Necro deck...
I had only been playing for a couple months when I went to my first tournament. Sam couldn't go to said tournament, so he sent me off with his Necro deck. Not this build, obviously, but still a lot of power, still a lot of fun. I wasn't really good enough to play it well, but when the person running the tournament played against me (I had a bye), he asked if I knew Sam, since that deck "looked like something he would come up with." Oh, I will miss the Necro deck...