Friday, May 06, 2005

How's this for random?

Hi, I'm Scott, the other contributor listed on this blog. Sam added me in December, I posted a comment promising an opening entry from me in a few days or weeks... Well, it's been a few months, so I suppose that's random, or else just lazy. One of the two, possibly both, but probably weighted to one side or the other. Best not to think too much about which one right now.

So, enough about my possible laziness, on to the general information!

As I said, my name is Scott. I currently live in San Francisco, though I grew up in Alabama, where I met Sam. I say met, but it is more the case that I've known him since early consciousness. Kindergarten, to be more precise. Hard to say that you "met" when the meeting in question was at age 4, and not something you remember really. You don't exactly have cocktail parties and mingle when you're 4. Anyway, I'm digressing, which is something I do extremely well, and if anyone reads this, they will certainly notice, especially if I post very often. And there I go again. Onward, dammit!! We went through school together, then didn't see each other very much for a bit, as I was away at college and blinded by something that seemed similar to love at the time. In fairness, it wasn't altogether unlike love, but I'm still not sure what it actually was (no, I am, but I'm trying to keep things PG-13 here...) I went away to college for 2 years, then left there to go to a different college closer to home, though that wasn't in the reasons for leaving at the time. No need to go into that here. I started playing Magic: The Gathering with a couple of people, and they said I needed to meet the local M:TG guru, who, as it happened, was Sam. From there, we spent quite a bit of time hanging out until he moved to Ohio. I moved to California soon after.
Why San Francisco, you ask? Well, where else can I pursue my dream of being a Leather Daddy? Not Alabama, that's for sure! Okay, okay, that's not the reason, but wouldn't it be fun if it was? I moved to the Bay Area because I met a girl. We were together for about 4 and a half years after I moved, then broke up. I'm okay now, though, and I am very happy with an altogether wonderful girl named Amy. We've been together for slightly over 11 months now, and will be moving in together (let's hear it for living in sin!) on June 1st. Which, incidentally, will be our 1-year anniversary (and all the girls say "awwwww...")
As far as my job, it's something that pays the bills, not much more than that to me. I do actually have direction, though. I've found something I enjoy, and, with a bit of training, I can actually get paid to do it, so right now I'm waiting for Amy to finish a training program for her career (she's a teacher, and is currently in the training process for Waldorf schools, a very different, very progressive, and very interesting program.) Then we'll be off to Arizona for 2-3 years, as I'll be going to MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) to become a Buell tech. What's a Buell, you ask? If you asked that, really, you need to go to and find out for yourself. I ride a fairly modified Blast (492cc thumper, or single cylinder motorcycle for those who aren't familiar with that term.) That's right, I'm one of those scuzzy, hairy, smelly bikers on a loud motorcycle. Okay, okay, I'm not really hairy or smelly. Scuzzy is in the eye of the beholder, so that one may work for you. But, yes, the motorcycle is loud. The loudness wasn't the point, though, it was performance I was after, and that's exactly what I got. It's just that loudness was a side effect. It sounds really really good, though, despite the fact that it's a bit loud. If you've ever heard a Ducati with a serious race exhaust system installed, you have a general idea of the sound, and if you haven't, then maybe you should...
But, anyway, I won't talk more about my bike, though I could very easily. My ex-girlfriend would just glaze over, as do many other people. Amy doesn't necessarily understand everything I say, but she listens, and is actually interested, which still amazes me. She knows much more than she did about motorcycles after a short 11 months with me. She probably knows more about Blasts than half the people that own one. Honestly, the fact she actually had a spark of interest the first time I started rambling at her about my bike was huge points for her in my book.

So, that's a lot of information to digest, so I'll stop typing now, and let you all get back to your business. Eventually, there will be more from me. Hope you've enjoyed this entry, and if you haven't, well, that's really your fault for clicking, isn't it, so don't bother me with any of that.
'Til next time...


Anonymous said...


Tap tap tap.

Is this thing on?
Eh? Oh. Ok.

Sufficiently random. Or, at least pseudorandom.

G said...

I'm so happy to hear from you!! You are one of the only people who can really understand the whole Waffle House thing (a few posts down)... ok, maybe not understand as so much as "get" it coming from me. At least the waitress wasn't hitting on "Catus Jack" this time! An extra side note on Waffle that Sam forgot to mention in the Green Day info.... We went to a new Waffle after the concert and as soon as we walked in these 3 younger girls were staring at Sam (more at his shirt than anything else...I think) Anyway, they asked if we were at the concert and were really excited when we said "of course". So the old Sam and I now have a little (not much) "street cred" with the younger crowd. We owe it all to Waffle for being there and supporting our hunger in our time of need!
Anyway...enough of my blurb for to you again soon!