Friday, September 23, 2005

Insanity of Sam

I'm feeling a bit odd today.

A little nuts.

I really need this weekend to get going...

Just so I don't have to be at work.

New DC Comics super hero idea: 'Tard Man

New Marvel Comics super hero idea: Turd Man

New Dark Horse Comics super hero idea: Special Person Who Uses Poo to His Advantage Guy (SPWUPHAG)

Ravnica will kick ass.

I won poker last night.

Yay for me!

In-Laws Moving Fun begins this weekend.

I will not let my weekend suck because of that.

Even though they will be moving in with Gretchen and me.

Also...when will I get sleep?

I think I'll shoot people tonight.

(On Halo 2, if you must know...geez...)

I might play poker.

Who knows...

I think I'll stop now.

Or not.

I'm really feeling crazy.

A bit...



That would be better...

...except that I typed it instead of actually screaming it.

OK, I stop now.


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